Another week has zipped by, and it’s time to announce the winner of this week’s twitku contest. First, a couple of dispatches from the All-Things-Tiny Desk.


In Bolivia, ’tis the season for alasitas, fairs celebrating Ekeko, a household god in charge of prosperity. Buy a miniature version of whatever your heart desires, and Ekeko will bring you the real thing during the next year. Pack up your hopes and dreams in a tiny traveling suitcase and send them out into the cosmic stream. It’s like a reverse protection racket run by a grinning, magnanimous mob boss.

I imagine an Ekeko-like mischievous imp of poetry, lounging in an old leather armchair somewhere in middle America and nodding approvingly at the scribblings of tiny poets. As shorthand, let’s say our imp’s name is Hayden Carruth. Tomorrow the imp’s name might be Bukowski; the day after that, Giovanni. We take off our shoes, empty our pockets, and send our 17-character carry-ons down the conveyor belt. In return, we hope for the the flashing gift of life-sized poetry.




Diane Cordell has blazed another new twitku trail. In a recent post, she writes eloquently about the electrifying sign language of images. She says, "By providing images to spark connections, we can extend and deepen understanding." Diane has created a series of twitku compositions that spark connections by beautifully marrying text and images.




For more, see Diane’s Tiny Poems photoset on Flickr. 


Our new Twitku Champ is Joyce Seitzinger, a Kiwi edublogger who writes The EdTech Bach blog. Congratulations, Joyce! The winning poem:


As I rush to wrap up this post before Twitku Tuesday segues into Twitku Wednesday, I feel the rightness of Joyce’s subject matter. Joyce, pick your twitku swag from the cornucopia below.




Vote for your favorite twitku from entries to the Sweetheart Edition. We saw some thematic creep between the romantic and political contests. But, hey, who am I to judge? What I deem political, you might call romantic. C’est la vie.  The poll will be open until Monday,
February 18; the next Twitku Champ will be announced and badged on
Tuesday, February 19. Thanks to this week’s contributors: Carolyn Foote and Aaron Strout.

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Next week’s contest is now open; submissions accepted until 11:59pm
CST, Monday, February 18. Give us your best Lincoln or Washington poems. Give us your abbreviated Gettysburg Address: four score and seventeen characters.

You can contribute a
twitku in any of these ways:

  1. Twitter: Send a tweet or direct message to @twitku575.
  2. email: Send a message to sschwister[at]gmail[dot]com.
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  4. wiki: Add your twitku to the Twitku wiki Current Contest page.

Good luck!