Gather round, dear hearts, old souls, gentle readers, and tiny poets. It’s time to announce the results of this week’s poetry contest.

First, heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed poems this week; see a full list here. Warm welcome to the Tiny Poetry Society to new contributors Carolyn Foote, Will Richardson, and Joyce Seitzinger.

Drumroll and fanfare, please. The winner of the inaugural edition of Twitku Tuesday is Diane Cordell for her extended riff/homage to Gerard Manley Hopkins, reprinted here in its full glory.

as ima/ges catc/h fire
twitk/u draws f/lames
Scott:/grief o’e/r leaf?
gold’n/ grove re/leav’d


By stringing together four "classic" twitku, Diane was not exactly following the rules. And that’s just the sort of unorthodox, innovative behavior we like to see to keep things interesting.

As this week’s Twitku Champ, Diane is entitled to garnish her blog with a spankin-new badge. Twitkudo downloads are available below in a variety of mouth-watering Twitku Champ badge flavors and sizes. The standard badge is 249 pixels wide; the new small version is 150 pixels.




Vote for your favorite twitku. The poll will be open until Monday,
February 11; the next Twitku Champ will be announced and badged on
Tuesday, February 12.

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Thanks to Diane for helping to sift and winnow through the many deserving entries.


Next week’s contest is now open; submissions accepted until 11:59pm
CST, Monday, February 11.

February 14, of course, is Valentine’s Day, so our theme gives a peck on the cheek to the infinite varieties and many splendors of love. What better way to express your love than with a twitku?

box in/shape of/heart

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Good luck!