I had big plans to wait until next week before officially opening the polls—you know, give the idea time to percolate, build up a healthy collection of submissions—but today’s wonderful flood of twitku creativity convinced me otherwise. Act now!

carpe/diem day/seize

Heartfelt thanks to the new Tiny Poetry Society inductees who submitted poems today: Dina Strasser, Liz Davis, and Erin S.


And I’m honored to crown Diane Cordell as our very first Twitku Champ, a much-deserved laurel bestowed for her tireless trail-blazing in the service of tiny poetry. If there’s a twitku canon, she has already secured her place in it. Diane, step up to the podium to receive your prize. Soak up that Twitku Champ badge love:


Vote for your favorite twitku. The poll will be open until Monday, February 4; the lucky Twitku Champ will be announced and badged on Tuesday, February 5.

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The twitku above were selected from the hordes of lovely submissions by a sadly partial and unscientific process: I picked ones that caught my eye. I also tried to include at least one twitku from each poet. Unfortunately, keeping the poll widget from swelling to unmanageable dimensions requires limiting the number of items. Choosing which twitku to include is just the kind of tough responsibility I’m happy to  shirk by placing it in the able hands of each week’s reigning Twitku Champ. Diane, I hope you can help with next week’s crop of genius poems.


Next week’s contest is now open; submissions accepted until 11:59pm CST, Monday, February 4. February 5 is Super Tuesday, so let’s make it a presidential theme. Brush up on your caucusing. Give us your best 17-character state of the union address. Remember, you can contribute a twitku in any of these ways:

  1. Twitter: Send a tweet or direct message to @twitku575.
  2. email: Send a message to sschwister[at]gmail[dot]com.
  3. comment: Leave a comment on this post.
  4. wiki: Add your twitku to the Twitku wiki Current Contest page.

Good luck!