Scott McLeod, that intrepid magician of middle America, has waved his dangerously relevant wand again. After the smoke clears and the glitter cascades to the floor, we see revealed in all its splendor. . . a crimson megaphone.


A crimson megaphone? Yep. What could be louder? And that’s exactly Scott’s purpose: to make a useful noise.  He had an idea back in February 2007 to profile new voices in the edublogosphere, and he’s revisiting it now with a twist—a megaphone and an acronym. The acronym is DABA, or blogs Deserving A Bigger Audience, and the megaphone is a blaring badge of honor.

In February, I was thrilled to be given Scott’s nod as a new voice. As he revs up the idea’s engine again with its new DABA pinstriping, he picks up where he left off by bestowing megaphones on the original group of new voices.

DABA is another in a long line of examples of Scott’s generosity, leadership, and greater-good orientation. But more to the point: he doesn’t just offer lip-service commentary; he proposes and puts into action a sturdy, workable solution. Like DABA. And it goes so far beyond lip service. In addition to profiling new voices, he pulls together an innovative raft of ways to extend the idea, raise the profile, blow the horn. Including a set of subscription options that conveniently aggregate all the DABAs together into a single handy feed, a Google Notebook page, and a slick Dangerously Irrelevant blogroll clip. And let’s not forget the big red megaphone.

As Scott says,

Hopefully this blog post also is a good model of how educators can take
a group of blogs and make them accessible in different ways. . .

Thanks for the good model, Scott. Most magicians keep their tricks secret; you make a point of sharing yours.

After my unintended hiatus from blogging earlier this year, I’m doubly thrilled to be part of the DABA crew. Next year, I hope to receive the Crimson Wand:  Aided By Readers And Colleagues, A Disappearing, Apathetic Blogger Re-Appears.