It’s a beautiful, crisp winter day in Minneapolis, here at the Hyatt Regency, site of the TIES 2007 conference. Scanning the geographical anatomy of downtown Minneapolis’ body polis, the old mill district along the Mississippi is the floury brim of the city’s hat, and the Hyatt sits at about ankle level, where Nicollet angles and heads toward Franklin and then Lake. I’m here for the day, attending sessions in the morning and staffing the drop-in blogging area in the afternoon, where interested folks can get started blogging with a Blogger or WordPress account. The blogging drop-in zone is adjacent to the Communities of Interest discussion area, which are not unlike NECC’s Birds of a Feather sessions. The conference theme is "It’s STEM Time: Supporting Technology in the the STEM Initiative."

The coffee’s hot, the wireless signal is lukewarm, and we’re off and running.