With my colleagues Vivian Johnson and Cara Hagen, I’ll be co-presenting
a session at NECC later this afternoon called Using Technology to Build
a Community of Learners.

Creating a Community of Learners Using Technology
[Session : Hands-on BYOL]
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Vivian Johnson, Hamline University with Cara Hagen and Scott Schwister

Monday, 6/25/2007, 2:00pm–3:00pm; GWCC B302

Engage in community building activities using technology to enhance
social norms in the learning enviroment, faciliating understanding,
knowledge construction, and freedom to make mistakes.


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As a component of our session, and also what we hope will be a
space for continuing conversation, we’ve created a Ning Classroom 2.0 group called Community
. Classroom 2.0 folks are cordially invited to attend our
session and participate in the Community Building group. The wider world is welcome, too. Join us!