Sitting on the floor of he second-level mezzanine at the Georgia World Congress Center offers a knee-high perspective on NECC.  Anatomical pun intended. I’m directly across from, but not actually in, the Bloggers Cafe. This fringe location is appropriate given my lack of recent activity. As the conference goes on and my fingers warm up, I plan to eventually work my way across the mezzanine to where the chairs are cushy and the electricity flows like a river of nectar. Meanwhile, I’m over here busking. Maybe a sign reading "Will blog for food."

Last night’s opening keynote with futurist Andrew Zolli yielded this thought: Teachers work with the future every day. If they’re not futurists, who is?

Winding my way through the MARTA system last night on the way to my hotel, I brushed against something industrial and ended up with a gray smudge of graphite all over my hands. When I checked in at the hotel, I was careful not to track graphite all over the front desk. The clerk looked me in the eye the whole time, conducting the transaction with unwavering politeness. The bathroom mirror in my room later revealed that a huge comma of graphite was also smeared across my right cheek, a mark which he’d graciously ignored. Thank you, Ezra, for your graciousness.