Amid the horror of today’s shooting at Virginia Tech, this excerpt from CNN’s coverage caught my eye:

Madison Van Duyne said she and her classmates in a media writing class
were on "lockdown" in their classrooms. They were huddled in the middle
of the classroom, writing stories about the shootings and posting them

No luck yet finding Ms. Van Duyne’s reports, but I did find a couple of Twitter commentaries. From Kevin Cupp, a computer science and business information technology major at Virginia Tech:

Getting ready to do an interview for the CBS evening news. Updating with updates. @spxds: I’m ok, thank you. about 2
hours ago
from twitterrific

@mchandler: I’m ok, just still shocked. Yes, CNN is behind, check, we’re posting updates as they come in. about 3 hours ago from
twitterrific in reply to mchandler

They evacuated us, I’m finally home. This is such a horrible tragedy. Over
20 dead so far. about 3 hours ago from

@mchandler: Thanks for that. They’ve got us held up in a classroom now.
Students have decided to play hangman on the chalkboard. about 5 hours ago from
web in reply to

There are two cops outside the window with guns watching for the guy. We’ve
made breaking news on CNN, etc. about 6 hours ago from

Trapped inside of Pamplin, shooter on campus, they won’t let us leave. about 6
hours ago
from txt

Expect that Kevin will be posting more on his blog soon. And from Tom Markiewicz, CEO of EvolvePoint, a technology company in Blacksburg, VA:

best source for updated info on this tragedy is the student-run about 1 hour ago
from web

received an email request from on the same about 1
hour ago
from web

just received a call from CBS Evening News on the shooting. they read my
blog post from the last shooting in August about 1 hour ago
from web

@bloggersblog is this really the time to be pushing a political agenda?
there will be plenty of time for debate in the days and weeks ahead about 1
hour ago
from web in reply to

After seeing more and more details come in, this shooting is
incomprehensible and horrific. about 2 hours ago
from web

just heard about the shooting on VT campus. i fear this town is getting a
bad reputation. no crime except for a few shootings…arrggh about 5 hours ago
from twitterrific

Tom’s also been blogging about the event through the day. Both Kevin and Tom refer readers to, a student-run new-media organization for continuing updates.

We may be witnessing a new kind of reportage.