Fire up your feathers and sequins, people. The 112th Carnival of Education is gearing up over at The Education Wonks. The Midway opens tomorrow morning, weather and wonks willing.

And we don’t talk lightly about midways around here. Saint Paul is home to the world-famous Minnesota State Fair, with its own Midway par excellence; the fairgrounds are just a cheese-curd’s throw up the road from Hamline. In addition to the Midway, the State Fair is home a panoply of stick-borne foods, butterheaded princesses, Machinery Hill, and the seedy pleasures of crop art.

Speaking of crop art, let’s briefly step back from the carnival atmosphere to observe a moment of silence for Lillian Colton, the "Warhol of seeds," crop artiste in a league of her own, who died last week at the age of 92.