Last week, Tim Wilson busted out some Web 2.0 baubles for the Key Instructional Contacts group that meets monthly at TIES. He gave a great Skype demo, among other things. And among the other things was Twitter.

Twitter is a sweet little social networking site built around answering a single simple question: What are you doing?

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Talkin on the phone with Stephen…Gettin ready for bed sooner or later.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Back home, just finished washing some dishes. Mom doesn’t like my new messenger bag because there’s no zipper. Eh.

On the surface, it’s a cute, fuzzy
way to stay connected with your network of friends. What are you doing?
Post your latest doings to Twitter and let them know. An endless stream of Twitterers are doing just that. 

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? good morning, back from paris LOVE paris, I want to move there because it feels like home
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Am home safe, just checking e-mail and looking at my sites for right now

Why in the world would we want to publish a running blow-by-blow of our
mundane days? That’s the kind of question only a digital immigrant asks. To the digital native, this is just another kind of connectedness, another way to keep in touch.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? finding responses to my responses to blog posts that are less than flattering — and sitting on them until the morning

On the train watching woman opposite on her third can of jack and cola.

Hit your refresh button a few times and watch the public stream flow past. Twitterings range from the banal to the sublime, from the sardonic to the comedic to the ironic to the dramatic to the ugly to the heartbreaking. But mostly banal.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? that’s it. I’ve had it with this hay fever. going to go get some pills.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? scratchin a bug bite. 😦

There’s something strangely beautiful about all these random glimpses.  They’re somehow disturbing and comforting, poetic and prosaic, captivating and incredibly dull, all at the same time. Only true aficionados of human nature need apply.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Headed to bed.  If my cat will make room for me.  How one cat manages to hog a king size bed remains a mystery, but he does.


Surfing the net and watching Dallas.

But maybe it’s not such a simple question. There are depths of profundity lurking in there. When you ask what I’m doing, do you mean right this moment? Or are you asking what I’m doing with my life, what I’m doing here in the world?  Are they the same thing? Aren’t they?

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Finding the meaning of life… Ahh so bored.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I have hiccups