I had the pleasure yesterday of having lunch with Kristofer, a colleague who works as instructional and reference librarian and liaison to our Graduate School of Education. It’s validating to discover and connect with others who are pursuing similar angles of inquiry, especially since it feels like we’re operating on the hazy fringes of legitimacy sometimes. Kristofer has been using his blog, The Nexus Six, to comment on library and information literacy issues and items that pique his interest. Check it out.

Like many educational institutions, ours is just waking up to the possibilities of Web 2.0 and social networking. The implications are huge, promising (or threatening) transformations galore in terms of how we interact with students, with colleagues, and with information. And it’s feeling more and more urgent with all the recent blogosphere talk about pushing education policy toward School 2.0. In the time-honored tradition of thinking globally and acting locally, we’re going to try to start a blogging pick-up game, a sort of in-house scrimmage: create an informal support network of immediate colleagues who also happen to be blogging, support each other while modeling good professional practice, and hopefully move our local Web 2.0 policy dialogue in a positive direction.

You’re invited to join our scrimmage. Score will not be kept. We do encourage fancy dribbling, elaborate trash-talk, and lots of movement on the court.